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Water filter membrane manufacturer - Watercode has MBR system for water treatment for MBR project. Our MBR technology for sewage treatment is currently challenging traditional wastewater treatment systems and is increasingly selected for WWTP upgrading. MBR systems typically are constructed on a smaller footprint, and provide superior treated water quality. 
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and membrane filtration technology have become relatively widespread as an advanced treatment for both industrial and municipal wastewater, especially in areas prone to water scarcity. Therefore, as a package wastewater treatment plant supplier, we have the best MBR system for the biological sewage treatment plant.
The treatment of sewage is an energy-intensive and large process. It's because this process involves biological digestion that is followed by a bioreaction to settle the solids. The MBR system can prove to be very useful for the sewage treatment plant. This MBR membrane module can perform much better than other wastewater treatment systems and within a small space. This system is used for biological oxidation of organic material that gets dissolved in sewage. Plus, it also separates the dissolved organic material from the resulting suspension of clean liquid.
The oxidation process creates excess solids that are later eliminated for further treatment. This wastewater treatment system is a constant process and easy to control. There are several benefits of using an MBR membrane module that is why it has become the best available technology for wastewater treatment. The sludge settlement process of traditional wastewater treatment systems is quite slow. This is why the separation of clear water from the resulting suspension is the better choice and provides a clear liquid. The MBR membrane filtration comes in both ultrafiltration and microfiltration.
The key benefit of using a membrane bioreactor system is that it operates at a higher solids concentration as compared to a traditional activated sludge plant. Moreover, this plant works effectively at Mixer Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) concentrations usually in the 8000 to 12000mg/l range and has successfully demonstrated at up to 3%. On the other hand, a traditional activated sludge plant works at 2000 to 3000mg/l due to its limitations on the setting. This high slurry concentration allows effective removal of dissolved organic material and residual particulate solids. Its high slurry concentration ability allows membrane bioreactor to effectively deal with industrial wastes, particularly in locations with water shortage and where factories are in quest of shutting down their water cycles.
The MBR system is a relatively recent development in the sewage treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant. This system has been in use by a number of industries. MBR is manufactured with PVDF composite membrane hollow fiber that has greater inoxidability. Plus, it also has strong corrosion-resistant firmness against several chemicals such as alkali, oxidizer, strong acid, etc. Membrane bioreactor operates well in PH value within a range of 2 to 10 whereas its forbearance against oxidant is more than 5000mg/l.
The PVDF ultrafiltration composite membrane has the capability of anti-pressure and stretching-resistant toughness. This capability has improved to a greater extent as compared to other membranes. The concentration of sludge is high that is many times high than the conventional active sludge process. Plus, its impact-resistant load capacity is good. The quality of water is good and it can be directly reused. It is easy to control the technical parameters that would completely separate the HRT and SRT. The sludge output is low and decreases the expenditure of sludge disposal. The MBR system requires less occupied area to assemble equipment.
Water Code Membrane Technology Co., Ltd is a No.1 manufacturer of MBR system and uses high-quality material for manufacturing. 

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