Technical Advantage

Membrane filtration technology is emerging as an increasingly viable solution for water and wastewater treatment due to its ability to produce high-quality effluent. Membrane filter technique is generally viewed as part of an advanced treatment system, used to achieve a higher level of standardized water & wastewater treatment depending on application requirements. 

● Permanently Hydrophilic, Excellent Anti-oxidation

● High Intensive Strength, High Anti-peeling Strength

● Large Flux, Pure water flux up to 1000L/m2.h; design flux 10-25L/m2.h

● Fine Filter Precision, Pore size

● Excellent & Stable Permeate Quality, Turbidity close to Zero

● Long lifespan for 5-8years

● Large Installed filling Area, Small footprint

Technical Advantage

● Narrow Pore size distribution @ 0.04μm

● Embedded Composite Technology

● High-strength,No fiber broken and anti-peeling

● withstand high frequent backwash

● Permanently Hydrophilic Modification,Dry form Storage

● Narrow Pore size distribution @ 0.03μm or 0.1μm, remove most bacteria, virus, microbe, particles , colloid,macro-molecules organism etc. to ensure good output water quality.

● Embedded reinforced PET core with highest mechanical strength, high anti-peeling strength, no fiber broken and peeling during normal operation. can withstand high frequent backwash, much longer lifespan and stable quality.

● Permanently Hydrophilic Modification, No wet-treatment required before using or re-storage; Dry form for storage and transportation.

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We provide customers with quality products such as MBR,filtration membrane, UF membrane filter,etc. with MBR system wastewater treatment technology for water & waste water environment.


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