Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

MBR membrane manufacturer - Watercode produce membrane reactor. Our MBR membrane modules are available for all water areas, from potable water production to the treatment of process and wastewater and the pre-treatment of seawater, but also for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. On this page, you will find a total overview of our Membrane bioreactor(MBR). To learn more about the features, functional description, fields of application and specifications of a specific MBR system wastewater treatment. We have the high quality service for MBR package treatment plant.


MBR membrane manufacturers have made possible the removal of harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses from both industrial and municipal wastewater. MBR membrane technology is considered to be the best solution to treat wastewater. This technology allows you to recover maximum resource, minimize expenses, and execute a circular-economy prospect in your operations. Water Code Membrane Technology Co., Ltd has introduced high-quality membrane reactors that provide the benefits of both flat sheet and hollow fiber technologies. MBR membrane manufacturers have combined different technologies to offer several advantages of MBR membrane processes. The key benefits of the Water Code MBR membrane are listed below.
• minimizes power consumption
• reduces cleaning needs
• maximizes capacity
• facilitates maintenance
The latest membrane reactor of Water Code features much more improvements that enhance capacity, decreases maintenance costs, and cut down energy consumption even further. Since the past 20 plus years, this company has been offering the installation of MBR membrane reactor that guarantees trustworthy operations at least possible costs.
Nature comprises of several examples of efficient, smart processes and Water Code got its inspiration from some of these processes when designing membrane bioreactors. This inspiration has provided several benefits, including high water quality, low energy costs, and minimal cleaning. MBR membrane manufacturers are gradually developing their systems for further improvements.
A LowResist Technology is used in the manufacturing of MBR membrane that gives a low-pressure drop. Thanks to extremely-low transmembrane pressure, the Water Code MBR membranes need much less maintenance and cleaning as compared to other membrane reactors. A low transmembrane pressure refers to no pore fouling. Furthermore, their MBR filter systems run on gravity with only 1 meter of water above module that maximizes its tank capacity and there is no need to use pumps.
The latest aeration system is also used in MBR membranes that minimize air usage and doesn't require cleaning out blockages. Here it is important to state that blockages can create trouble in the conventional, multi-line aeration system. And it is difficult as well as time-consuming to clean and restart aeration systems. Water Code aeration system incorporates a single-line design that makes it self-flushing. it means any blockages will be flushed out automatically upon the buildup of air pressure. The self-flushing capacity of aeration system makes it easier to turn on/off the air during aeration. Plus, it also makes possible the running of MBR membrane modules with interchanging aeration. It means in the systems having more than one module, air flushing is alternatively applied rather than continuously. Here the key advantages are energy savings, low maintenance, and investment costs.
These MBR membranes play a key role in wastewater treatment plants as they ensure the best durability and highest water quality. All these membranes are built with chlorine-resistant PVDF and are specially designed for wastewater applications. They provide a full-fledge barrier to micro-plastics, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. In this way, the treated water fulfills the needs of water reuse as well as environmentally-responsible discharge. So, it is highly recommended to use MBR membrane for the wastewater treatment plant.


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