Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes Package UF Plant

Package UF system of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and hollow fiber membrane filter is widely used in pretreatment of RO system.

Product Specification:

  • Flow: 1~5000T/H
  • Material: PVC/PAN/PVDF/R-PVDF
  • Poresize: 0.01μm
  • MWCO: 100K Dalton
  • Turbidity: <0.1NTU

Product DETAIL

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration(UF) membrane is one of the most natured and advanced ultrafiltration technologies from hollow fiber filter manufacturers. The nominal poresize is 0.001~0.1 μm. The micropores distribute around the wall of the membrane. The entrapping molecular weight scale is about several thousand to ten thousand. The water flow from the outside of the membrane to the inside, it is outer pressure type. In adverse, it is inside pressure type. The ultrafiltration is a dynamic process, and the entrapping matter can be drained out following the concentration water.

Hllow fiber UF membrane filter to clarify,conentrate and purity the streams with filtration challenges involve suspended solids, bacteria, or high concentrations of macromolecules. These high-tech membranes are widely used in  variety of water treatment and waste water recycling applications.


1. Removal of all suspendied solid, algae, bacterial, virus to ensure your healthy.

2. Decrease of the dosage disinfectant(chlorine)

3. Stable and excellent water quality, turbidity less than 0.1NTU

4. Low pressure, Large flow(up to 80-100L/m2), energy saving.

5. Modular construction, small space required.

6. Hydrophilic modified to increase antipollutant, enhence chemical resistance 


Why Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Prefer The Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane System?
The Ultrafiltration (UF) method is very common in wastewater treatment projects because its goal is to recycle and employ water that contains technically no physical solids.
This method is such a common one that it´s also used in the house for filtering water.
Ultrafiltration (UF) is a kind of membrane filtration that consists of forces, like pressure and concentration gradients, causing a separation through a tissue layer or membrane. When the separation occurs the solids and high mass solutes are retained in the membrane, whereas water and low mass solutes get past it.

Applications of ultrafiltration
As it was mentioned, the UF method is most often used for the removal of small matter from raw water, to be able to supply potable water. It's been accustomed to either replace existing secondary and tertiary filtration systems utilized in water-treatment plants or as standalone systems in regions with increasing inhabitants.
Ultrafiltration processes are most popular over other treatment strategies for these reasons:
1.No chemicals needed (besides cleaning)
2.Continual product quality despite the feed quality
3.Reduced plant size
4.Able to exceed the regulated standards of water quality, achieving 90-100% infective agent removal.

Recycling benefits
In addition to providing a reliable, locally controlled water supply, water recycling provides a lot of environmental benefits, which is why there are a lot of ultrafiltration membrane suppliers. This method is able to lessen the usage of water from delicate ecosystems, which means that there is enough water flow to plants and wildlife. The lack of adequate flow would be the cause of the decay of both water quality and the wellness of the ecosystem.
It is possible for people to fulfill their water demands by using recycled water and the environmental repercussions of this choice would be great.  It would free substantial amounts of water for the environment. Other environmental benefits include a reduction in wastewater discharges and reducing pollution.
Ultrafiltration is used by some companies to decrease costs. In the long run, this type of method will justify the initial capital investment, the potential replacement costs and maintenance of the system. So the benefits described are not all, as some might be intangible.

Companies that use ultrafiltration
Industries that use large amounts of water and might also discharge highly toxic waste are likely candidates to use the ultrafiltration for method. These would be the companies whom the UF membrane suppliers would want to attract as costumers.
Some examples would be companies that are involved with chemicals, steel, plastics, resins, paper, and even pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.
So if you are a company that fits these descriptions or knows of a place that would be interested in these benefits the next step is to look for a reliable supplier. A great example is the online company that goes by the name of Water Code. This tailors especially for sewage treatment plants and big projects that have the same goal.

Diemension (D x L,mm)
Recommended design flow (m3/H)
Membrane area(m2)
Diameter of hollow fiber(mm)
OD/ID=1.66/1.0 or 2.4/1.2  
Membrane Material
Alloy-PVC / PAN / Reinforced PVDF / PVDF
Nominal Poresize
0.01μm  (0.001~0.1um are optional)
100 K (5~500K are available)
Filter Path
Inside-out(PVC / PAN), Outside-in (PVDF)
Configuration type
Dead End / Cross flow
Max. Feed pressure (Mpa)
Recommended TMP (Mpa)

NOTE: 1. Design flow selection is according to feed water quality and design condition, please contact us for more details.

          2.normally, max design feed turbidity <50NTU

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