MBR cassette membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment

Hollow fiber membrane bioreactoris combination of membrane separation and biological technology. MBR ensure stable excellent water quality, and it can be reused for non-drinking purposes.

Product Specification:

  • Membrane Area :15,20,25,30,35,40..
  • Membrane Area :15,20,25,30,35,40..
  • Membrane Area: 15,20,25,30,35,40..
  • Fiber Diameter: ID/OD=0.9/2.0mm
  • Turbidity: 0.5~2NTU
Membrane bioreactor is a new type of ecological wastewater treatment system that combines membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology. In municipal wastewater treatment, the MBR process can meet the most demanding emission standards. Currently, the supply is widely used in the municipal wastewater treatment plant upgrade project, and it is one of the best domestic sewage treatment processes.
Product advantages:
1. Long life: membrane with crochet PET tube, can withstand frequent backwashing and medicinal washing, longer life, more stable water quality, and long service life of 5-8 years.
2. Good effluent: water turbidity is close to zero, membrane pore distribution is narrow, membrane pore is 0.03 or 0.08 micron; high water quality is guaranteed, and effluent turbidity is close to zero. The effluent water quality is good and can be directly reused. Efficient solid-liquid separation separates suspended matter, colloidal substances, microorganisms, etc. in wastewater from purified water, and can be directly reused without three-stage treatment.
3. No broken fibe: no broken fiber and peeling during operation, using embedded reinforced PET coating process, with high mechanical and peeling strength; breaking force >200N or more, no broken fiber and peeling phenomenon
4. Large flux: super large flow channel design, the inner diameter of the membrane fiber is as high as 1.2-1.4mm, the design of the super large flow channel, the resistance is small, and the surface of the membrane is evenly produced.
5. Strong anti-pollution: high anti-oxidation, strong anti-staining ability, constant silk, no peeling, high compressive strength.
6. Good water permeability: permanent hydrophilic modification, high porosity, good water permeability and large water flux.
7. Small footprint: Membrane bioreactors use membrane modules, do not require sedimentation tanks and special filtration tank systems, occupying about 40% less space than traditional filtration methods.
8. Low operating cost, saving power consumption, can significantly save long-term operating costs brought by dosing and disinfection, membrane bioreactor does not need to add flocculant, reducing operating costs.
Why choose Water Code membrane Technology?
1. We has been committed to the research and application of ultrafiltration membrane technology over 15 years.
2. We have a number of ultra-filtration membranes qualification,certification and patens.
3. We have completed hundreds of water treatment projects in more than 40 countries around the world
4. High-performance embedded reinforced PET core PVDF composite ultrafiltration membrane, high-performance gradient sponge structure homogeneous PVDF ultrafiltration membrane, low-pressure high-flux gradient sponge structure PS/PES ultrafiltration membrane, etc.
MBR membrane main application areas:
Difficult to degrade industrial wastewater, high-concentration organic wastewater, and general wastewater wastewater treatment facilities and etc.
MBR typical process: 
Sewage - Screening - Equalization tank - Anoxic tank - Aeration tank - MBR tank - Clean water tank


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