Package MBR STP in Dubai


  A package 1000T/D MBR sewage treatment plant installed in Dubai. The process is Equalization tank- Anoxic tank- Aeration tank- MBR tank- Treated water tank.

  How the MBR STP works
  The core component of MBR integrated wastewater treatment equipment is membrane bioreactor (MBR), which is a new type of wastewater treatment technology that combines membrane separation technology with biotechnology.
  Sewage enters the MBR system. Zone A is a facultative zone where the packing is placed and in sufficient contact with the activated sludge. The O zone is an aerobic zone, the membrane set is placed, and the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter are retained by the PVDF membrane, and the secondary sedimentation tank is omitted. The concentration of activated sludge is thus greatly increased, and the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge residence time (SRT) can be controlled separately, while the refractory substances are continuously reacted and degraded in the reactor. After further processing, the treated water can be discharged or reused. In addition, the air delivered to the MBR system is also a very important part of the process. It can promote the circulation of fluid in the reactor, improve the degradation efficiency of the activated sludge, and also cause friction between the hollow fiber membrane filaments. , clean the membrane assembly.
  Equipment advantages
    (1) Compact, small size, small footprint, buried structure, movable, easy to green and no mosquitoes and breeding;
    (2) The removal rate of organic pollutants is high, and the effluent water quality is stable;
    (3) The operation is simple, the construction is convenient, no special maintenance is required, and the equipment has good self-protection;
    (4) The water quality is good and the emission standards are met;
    (5) The integrated equipment can be flexibly configured according to the raw water quality, so that the equipment has wide applicability

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