UF Filter - Ultra Filtration System

Hollow fiber uf membrane water filter is high-tech membranes frome package wastewater treatment suppliers are widely used in industrial and municipal water treatment in a ultrafiltration membrane system.

Product Specification:

  • Size: ф90,ф160k,ф200,ф250
  • Flow: 0.2~7.5T/H
  • Material: PVC/PAN/PVDF/R-PVDF
  • Poresize: 0.01μm (other size are optional)
  • MWCO: 100K Dalton(other size are optional)
  • Turbidity: <0.1NTU

Product Detail of uf membrane water filter

Hollow fiber uf membrane water filter is one of the most natured and advanced ultrafiltration technologies in an ultrafiltration membrane system. The nominal poresize is 0.001~0.1 μm. The micropores distribute around the wall of the membrane. The entrapping molecular weight scale is about several thousand to ten thousand. The water flow from the outside of the membrane to the inside, it is outer pressure type. In adverse, it is inside pressure type. The ultrafiltration is a dynamic process, and the entrapping matter can be drained out following the concentration water.

Hllow fiber UF membrane water filter to clarify,conentrate and purity the streams with filtration challenges involve suspended solids, bacteria, or high concentrations of macromolecules. These high-tech membranes are widely used in  variety of water treatment and waste water recycling applications by package wastewater treatment plant suppliers.




1. Removal of all suspendied solid, algae, bacterial, virus to ensure your healthy.

2. Decrease of the dosage disinfectant(chlorine)

3. Stable and excellent water quality, turbidity less than 0.1NTU

4. Low pressure, Large flow(up to 80-100L/m2), energy saving.

5. Modular construction, small space required.

6. Hydrophilic modified to increase antipollutant, enhence chemical resistance


How uf membrane water filter is better than other filtration systems?

Uf membrane water filter is a filtration process which acts to remove harmful viruses, bacteria, contaminants, and other pollutants from clean water. This ultra filter membrane forces water through its 0.01-micron membrane. The large size suspended particles cannot pass through the uf filter membrane but they attach to the external membrane surface. Uf membrane water filter only passes through the dissolved minerals and freshwater. This filtration process utilizes standard home water pressure for pushing water through its semi-permeable membrane and eliminates any contaminants. Unlike other filtration systems, uf filter system keeps minerals in water when filtering out viruses, parasites, and bacteria.
Ultrafiltration vs. reverse osmosis
Most of the uf filter processes utilize a hollow fiber membrane that filters out water from inside out. It gives a huge surface area for the adherence of particles. On the other hand, reverse osmosis membrane filters from outside in. Here it is important to state that hollow fiber membrane provides higher chemical resistance to chlorine and oxidants whereas an RO membrane cannot endure any chlorine.
A reverse osmosis membrane has the smallest pore size and extensive filtration but it may not be always preferred or necessary. Compared to an RO system, uf membrane water filter retains useful minerals. It means the ultra filter membrane system doesn't remove salts, TDS, or fluoride dissolved in water. Unlike reverse osmosis system that requires high water pressure, uf system can operate on low pressure.
Ultrafiltration vs. microfiltration and nanofiltration
The key difference among different types of filtration systems depends on the reduced particle size or membrane pore size. The filtration system you require depends on your desired water quality. As compared to uf membrane, the microfiltration membrane has 0.1-micron pore size that removes many microorganisms but viruses stay inside the water. Nanofiltration membrane has 0.001-micron pore size that removes many organic molecules, salts, almost all viruses, and natural organic matter. Also, nanofiltration takes out divalent ions that make water hard but it doesn’t remove dissolved compounds.
When ultra filter membrane is used?
Each of these four filtration processes serves a distinctive purpose. Uf membrane water filter is best for all those sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants who want to keep useful minerals in water and desire to take out microscopic contaminants. Ultra filter membrane system is better than reverse osmosis as it wastes a small quantity of water. At times, uf filter system is used for recycling effluent water via filtration in order to reuse water for irrigation.
The ultra filter membrane is a great filter that decreases particles approximately 5000 times lesser than individual hair. This type of filtration provides a 90-100% decline in contaminants. However, it cannot decrease some organics so a 0.05-micron carbon block pre-filter could be added for reducing chlorine odor and taste, lead, volatile organic compounds, metallic trace elements, and cysts. Uf membrane water filter can last for a longer time period if you buy it from Water Code Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. 

Diemension (D x L,mm)
Recommended design flow (m3/H)
Membrane area(m2)
Diameter of hollow fiber(mm)
OD/ID=1.66/1.0 or 2.4/1.2  
Membrane Material
Alloy-PVC / PAN / Reinforced PVDF / PVDF
Nominal Poresize
0.01μm  (0.001~0.1um are optional)
100 K (5~500K are available)
Filter Path
Inside-out(PVC / PAN), Outside-in (PVDF)
Configuration type
Dead End / Cross flow
Max. Feed pressure (Mpa)
Recommended TMP (Mpa)

NOTE: 1. Design flow selection is according to feed water quality and design condition, please contact us for more details.

          2.normally, max design feed turbidity <50NTU


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